Original Martin Wasserwirbler
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Dear customer!

Thank you for your interest in our
Products. You will soon notice: The core product is the
Original Martin water vortex.

Our concern
The ideas of Viktor and Walter Schauberger
implement in daily life into practice.
Holistic thinking and life.
Water should be on at the 1st digit.
Finally, there are 2/3 of our bodies of water.

Over 40 years ago, we learned not only Walter Schauberger
and the PKS but also Dr. Bruker know.
Result: change in diet, as naturally as possible.
Clothes change, as natural as possible.
Apartment, as natural as possible, that is, we built
1976 Biohaus with building materials such as argillite, wood,
Coconut fiber, natural color, mains cut-off,
Steel without parole in concrete etc ..
In 1980, we started the series production of the
Original Martin Wasserwirblers.

Our experience
So meantime we are looking at over 30 years of personal experience and
those back who kindly zusandten us your reports.

Your Advantage
You can draw on these experiences any time.
Call us or write to us.

Jens Fischer and "turbulent water" Team
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